Taylor Swift offers cancer boy to be her date at ACM Awards

This week was Taylor Swift a request from the 18-year-old Kevin McGuire, who has been fighting leukemia since he was 13 years old, if she wanted to go to the annual school ball with him. It was his sister, who sent an inquiry, when Kevin was fully convinced that no girl wanted to go on a date with a guy with no hair. Unfortunately, Taylor could not make it to the big night, but Kevin was offered a better suggestion! She invited him to be HER date at the American Country Music Awards !

Her message to him read the following: “Kevin, I’m so sorry I will not get to your ball. But I wonder, since it is almost time for the ACM Awards … Would you be my date? Love, Taylor” .

Kevin is, with all the understanding, up above the clouds for her personal invitation, saying: “I was totally ckockad and I thought it was not even first, it feels unreal.” We think it’s so nice of Taylor and we are so happy for Kevin’s sake! We hope that they will get a nice date at this year’s American Country Music Awards

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