ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman Have Broken Up


Yet another celebrity couple has broken up. This time it’s rapper ASAP Rocky, 26, and super model Chanel Iman, 23, that have drifted apart, according to E! News. They are both very busy people and they just haven’t been able to find any time to spend with each other, which is a big part of the reason as to why they have split up. ASAP Rocky is now working on his follow up to the critically acclaimed album, LONG.LIVE.ASAP, and Chanel is traveling the world for various photo shoots.

Kim Kardashian is Frustrated That She’s Not Taken Seriously


Kim Kardashian, 34, is undeniably one of the most talked about stars at the moment and every day she gets an enormous amount of press. Regardless, Kim doesn’t think that she gets the respect that she deserves. In an interview with Re/Code Kim talks about her hard work discipline during the six days a week, and five months, that they record her different shows but still people don’t take her seriously just because they are reality shows. A genre that deserves much more respect according to Kim. The fact that she’s good at making money is no secret. Rumors say that her new game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, will make approximately $200 million in its first…

Dr. Luke is Now Suing Kesha’s Mom


Things can sometimes go fast in Hollywood and Dr. Luke has now filed a new lawsuit – this time directed to Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert. According to the producer she is the mastermind behind all the lies. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMS, Luke says that Pebe wanted her daughter to get out of her contract with Luke but quickly realized that it wasn’t possible. That is when Pebe, according to Luke, started to spread the lies – to force him into giving up the contract. When this didn’t work Pebe continued with her smear campaign. Luke also says in the lawsuit that both Pebe and Kesha have said, under oath, that he has never…

11 Celebrities and Their Jobs Before Becoming Famous

11_celebrities_and_their_jobs_before_becoming_famous (1)

Even big stars have to start somewhere. We have listed the somewhat more odd jobs that the celebrities we are used to reading about once upon a time used to have.

Charlie Hunnam Shooting the Last Episode of Sons of Anarchy


Charlie Hunnam Shooting the Last Episode of Sons of Anarchy

Celebrities Wearing the Classic White Shirt

celebrities_wearing_the_classic_white_shirt (1)

Celebrities Wearing the Classic White Shirt

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Split Up


It’s over between Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and singer Chris Martin! Jennifer, 24, started going out with Chris, 37, from the band Coldplay, in August, shortly after Jennifer and her, at the time, boyfriend Nicholas Hoult broke up. Chris Martin was also new to the single life after a ten-year marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. Jennifer and Chris have always been very private in terms of their relationship and the couple was only photographed once during the four months that they dated. Source: E! Online

Hugh Jackman Getting Treatment For Cancer


Hugh Jackman, 46, primarily known for his role as Wolverine in X-Men is getting treatment for skin cancer – for the third time. Hugh emphasizes for E! Online that it’s skin cancer and hence is treatable as long as you do something about it straight away. Hugh, who is Australian, was never told, as a kid, to put on sunscreen and this might be the reason for his recent problems. Nowadays he is much more careful and recommends everyone to use sunscreen when necessary.

Kylie Jenner is Fed Up With the Gossiping About Her Lips


Earlier this month Kylie Jenner, 17, posted a photo of herself on Instagram, which got people talking about a possible lip augmentation. Kylie have denied any kind of cosmetic surgery of her lips but the gossiping just wouldn’t stop. Yesterday she had enough and took to Twitter where she asked everyone to start talking about something else instead. At the same time as she took to Twitter she also posted a new pout-photo on Instagram that really didn’t help her out in the discussion. What do you think – has Kylie done any kind of lip augmentation?

Debra Messing and Will Chase Have Split Up


They were together for almost three years but it’s now over between Debra Messing, 46, and Will Chase, 44. A rep confirms the information to Us Weekly and tells the magazine that the two remain good friends. Debra got her big break in the TV-series Will & Grace and she met Will Chase on the set of the now cancelled series Smash. They started dating during the production and they become an official couple shortly after the series was cancelled.