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Kelly Osbourne Threatening to Quit Fashion Police After Racist Comment


Giuliana Rancic, known from the Fashion Police, was one of the people commenting on the celebrity looks during the Oscars. When talking about Zendaya she said some things that she, hopefully, regrets today. Her comment that has gotten people talking was when she commented on Zendaya’s hair by saying that it probably “smells like patchouli oil or weed”. Zendaya didn’t appreciate the comment and neither did Kelly Osbourne who works with Giualiana on Fashion Police. Kelly has now taken to Twitter where she is saying that she’s questioning staying on the show.

Watch Justin Bieber Forced to do Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks With Old Lady


We’re not really used to this new friendly side of Justin Bieber, 20, – the last couple of years it’s mostly been about his scandals. We like the new Justin and we absolutely love this new video with Justin Bieber where he’s getting forced to prank an old lady. The show is called Repeat After Me and Justin has to do everything he’s getting told to do. Watch all the crazy stunts he’s pulling off:

Nicole Scherzinger Looking Different in Blonde Hair

nicole_scherzinger_looking_different_in_blonde_hair (2)

Nicole Scherzinger Looking Different in Blonde Hair

Paris Hilton Brings Her Dog “Peter Pan” While Running Errands in LA

paris_hilton_brings_her_dog_peter_pan_while_running_errands_in_la (2)

Paris Hilton Brings Her Dog “Peter Pan” While Running Errands in LA

Channing Tatum Hiding His Daughter Everly From the Paparazzi

channing_tatum_hiding_his_daughter_everly_from_the_paparazzi (1)

Channing Tatum Hiding His Daughter Everly From the Paparazzi

Pamela Anderson Looking Happy Despite Her Ongoing Divorce

pamela_anderson_looking_happy_despite_her_ongoing_divorce (1)

Pamela Anderson Looking Happy Despite Her Ongoing Divorce

Gwen Stefani Playing With Her Kids

gwen_stefani_playing_with_her_kids (1)

Gwen Stefani Playing With Her Kids

Anna Wintour Wants to Ban North West From Fashion Shows


Anna Wintour, 65, is one of the world’s most powerful people in the fashion industry and when she talks people listen. Fashion week in New York just ended and on several of the photos from the fashion shows we’ve seen Wintour sit next to Kim Kardashian, 34, and little North West. Apparently Wintour hasn’t been appreciating this and she now wants to ban all kids from the shows. As if this wasn’t enough – Wintour has supposedly also said that she thinks that Kardashian and Kanye West, 37, is using their daughter to steal the spotlight from all the designers.

Jay-Z Refusing to Take Paternity Test


Jay-Z, 45, is one of the world’s most successful artists but on a personal level he’s been going through some rough times as he’s being sued by Rymir Satterthwaite, 21, who claims that the superstar is his dad. According to the prosecution, Jay-Z had an affair with Rymir’s mother in the 90’s and that he has been doing everything in his power to cover it up. The National Enquirer writes that Jay-Z also is getting accused of lying to the court so he won’t have to do a paternity test. Jay-Z hasn’t given any comments on the case and media is of course speculating whether Rymir, who has been struggling to pay his bills, is…

Dakota Johnson Makes David Letterman Blush With Unexpected Question


The star from Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson, 25, went on the David Letterman Show earlier this week and during the interview she managed to get him lost for words. Dakota Johnson’s mom is none other than actress Melanie Griffith, who has been a guest at the Letterman Show plenty of times. Johnson tells Letterman that her mom loves him and she then asks him a question that he clearly wasn’t expecting. Check it out here