Rihanna denies romance with Ashton Kutcher: “I’m single

A few days ago we revealed that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher is dating. Now, says Rihanna for the first time about the alleged romance, she says the rumors are only rumors !

Rihanna is currently in London promoting her film debut in “Battleship”. British and American skavllerpressen are filled with information about the romance. But presskonferansen yesterday told Rihanna that she’s single. Rihanna became defensive when a British reporter asked her: “I wonder if you’re happy in your private life, and we will see a special Mr. Ashton Kutcher visit here? ” Rihanna replied: “I am happy and I’m single, if that was what you were wondering.” Good answer by Rihanna ! But is she really single or is it Ashton who want to keep this a secret from Demi Moore ? It remains to be seen

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