Laila Bagge travel adventure begins in chaos

Laila Bagge Wahlgren seem to have bad luck right now! She booked a family trip to Gran Canaria for her and her two sons and travel adventure has started very badly for Laila. It all started a few weeks ago when she was forced to surrender his passport to a visa application for a secret overseas projects. She was then forced to go to the airport and get a temporary passport. The next day she woke up with a swollen thumb, she was then forced to seek medical attention and got antibiotics for svullnaded. Laila was amazed at everything that suddenly began to happen before the trip. “Things are always in three as the saying goes,” she wrote on her blog.

Suddenly, after visiting the doctor, got Laila income from leisure trips who told me that there may be waiting on arrival at Gran Canaria. “This begins to look like a joke,” she wrote on the blog. Poor Laila, hope is not the journey ends in chaos

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