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Rihanna denies romance with Ashton Kutcher: “I’m single

A few days ago we revealed that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher is dating. Now, says Rihanna for the first time about the alleged romance, she says the rumors are only rumors ! Rihanna is currently in London promoting her film debut in “Battleship”. British and American skavllerpressen are filled with information about the romance. But presskonferansen yesterday told Rihanna that she’s single. Rihanna became defensive when a British reporter asked her: “I wonder if you’re happy in your private life, and we will see a special Mr. Ashton Kutcher visit here? ” Rihanna replied: “I am happy and I’m single, if that was what you were wondering.” Good answer by Rihanna ! But is she…

Street Style: Weekly Top 10 best celebrity looks

TGIF! To celebrate our favorite day so we figured this week’s 10 hottest looks. We saw some great outfits that Miranda Kerr in a denim jacket and hat! Or what do you think of Rihanna’s blazer / dress? Click on images to see the week’s best street style looks

Kris Humphries on Kim Kardashian to pay: “Show me the money

Kris Humphries got a huge backlash in the media after his 72 days long marriage with Kim Kardashian and when the hype finally being to bed, he decides to demand money from his future ex-wife. Kris has now applied for legal documents to force Kim to clarify exactly how much money they received during their marriage. This after Kim had remission of their wedding gifts to charitable causes. Here writes Humphries lawyer in the document: “A husband can not make a single gift to a personal property or dispose of joint personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse.” Kris takes a financial position to the…

Princess Madeleine of the criticism: “I feel sad

Princess Madeleine has long been criticized for living life of luxury in the U.S. in Swedish taxpayers’ expense. In an interview at the Royal Court’s website says the princess on how she feels about the criticism: “I feel sad when it is described as if I live life of luxury and do nothing but shop and hang in restaurants. Secondly I have my work on Childhood, and I’ll do it for Sweden when I asked, “she says. She also responds to the criticism, explaining that when she represents Sweden paid travel and other things of the court, but that her other expenses paid by her own pocket. “The fact that I now live in the…

Robbie Williams will be a father

Robbie Williams has just announced that his wife, Ayda Field is pregnant with their first child. On his website he wrote: “Hello my friends, I have kept a secret from you. This year I and Ayda become mom and dad!! We had sex and it worked!” He continued: “We have seen the baby advertising and brytit together. We have already started planning the nursery. I love basically a little person growing in the womb … I can not wait until I get my father. I am crying now.” Rob and Ayda has been since they got married, in August 2010, dreamed of starting a family. We are super happy for them. Congratulations

Amy Winehouse without wills: Blake does not get a dime

It has long been speculated about who will inherit Amy Winehouse assets. The singer died tragically in July 2011 from alcohol poisoning. She had no will when he died vilkeet means that her parents Mitch and Jane Winehouse will inherit her multi miljonarv automatically. Her former husband Blake Fielder-Civil will not inherit a penny, which pleased Mitch and Jane. “He was partly the reason for Amy’s addiction, and her parents were just trying to help her,” says a source. Her parents have not told me what to do with the money yet, but a source says that they will give most to charity, to help other addicts. A nice thought, we think

Alicia Silverstone chew the food for his son

Uh, this is just disgusting! Alicia Silverstone posted a video in which she feeds her son Bear Blu with breakfast by chewing your food and then give him food through his own mouth. Celebrities can be pretty weird in general, but Alicia tops the list right now! Her son is 11 months old and is fully capable to at least eat with your fingers – he does not get the food from their mother’s mouth! Like a bird! “He literally crawling across the room and attack my mouth if I eat … he takes hold of my mouth to get food!” Many mothers cut up small pieces of food to their children, but to feed…

Megan Fox pregnant! Expecting their first child

Megan Fox is pregnant with her ​​first child! The 25-year-old actress and her husband, Brian Austin Green are awaiting their first child together. “They have just learned of it and are extremely pleased,” says a source close to the couple. The couple has not revealed the news public yet. “It’s still early, so they tell only family and close friends,” says the source. This will thus be Megan’s first child. But she is not a beginner’s mother, she has acted namely, the mother of Brian’s 10-year-old son. “Megan has become a really good step-mother, and Brian knows that she will be a great mom,” said the source. We are so happy for those two, congratulations…

Video! “Hunger Games”-stars making out outside the recording

Is this the first “Hunger Games” flirtation? We think so! A video of the stars Alexander Ludwig (who plays Cato) and Leven Rambin (who plays Mica) started the rumors. The couple got caught on film when they kissed passionately outside the Roosevelt Hotel in January this year. But they’re still trying desperately to deny their ongoing romance. “They do not date,” said Levens spokesperson and adds that “The only good friends.” You kiss your friends like that? Well, check out the video below and judge for yourself.

Kim Kardashian making Beckingham Palace

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham sells her Beckingham Palace and apparently Kim Kardashian looking for a new home. Kim would inevitably have a Europabas for the whole family when they are traveling, so Beckingham palace is the perfect house for the entire Kardashian family. Beckams bought the house in 1999 for £ 2.5million and the house has undergone a lot of changes. For example, they built a swimming pool, golf course, gym, helicopter pad and recording studio. The value of the house has risen sharply and Kim already has a plan for how she will afford the house: she will rent out the house when she does not use it! Does Kim really afford this…